A new age dawns

Aside from a cake debacle, the rest of the group's time in Suzail passes by with little event. On the morning that they are set to leave they return to the ship and once more reunite with the crew of the Weeping Siren.

During the journey Amelie once more finds herself alone with Alf who still seems as though he would rather not be on the trip. While he asserts that he just misses home Amelie senses that something is off when she notices that he is "reading" a book in his bed without actually moving his eyes. Trying to get the attention of Shaena in the kitchen she fakes a coughing fit and eventually Shaena enters just after Alf has gone up on deck. Amelie shares her concerns with Shaena who immediately checks Alf's book, finding within its pages a drawing of a younger Alf with his family. The message below the drawing reads "A Reminder – C" 

The group have a meeting to discuss their options for how to deal with their new findings. Knowing that Sally is the crew member that Alf seems closest to, they decide that it would be in their best interest to speak to her privately, if only to ask after Alf's wellbeing. 

After dinner Shaena and Riswynn hang back to speak to Sally while everyone else heads off to bed. While Sally listens and responds calmly at first, she eventually tells the pair that it is not their job to worry about the crew before throwing her dagger into the kitchen door – a seeming threat should the group cross any boundaries. 

The next morning the group discuss the events of the night before and decide to leave things to settle until they dock in Westgate. As they approach Westgate, however, Amelie spots a mysterious figure who appears to be awaiting their arrival. 

No sooner has the ship docked than Damon and Martin are dragged away and Gordon, fearing for the safety of his crew, agrees to go with the cloaked man quietly. The Femme Fatales do not make the same agreement. A small battle ensures, during which more cloaked figures attempt to mask and bind the group who put up as much resistance as they can manage. 

In the end another mysterious figure in a dark blue cloak appears and the group are forced to admit defeat. 

When they are unmasked, they find themselves tied to chairs, back in The Purple Lady. The figure in the dark blue cloak reveals himself to be an eladrin man – Caeriele's brother – and essentially thanks the crew and group for bringing the package to them. He then slides over a blank piece of paper that he requests they give to Caeriele. 

Once the bar is empty but for the group and crew Amelie and Shaena immediately take to drowning their sorrows as they wait for Caeriele. 

When she arrives, Caeriele expresses her disappointment at the groups failure to carry out the task set, but admits she had not expected things to go quite so badly for them. She tells the group about the conflict currently taking place between the Fire Knives and the Nine Golden Swords and gives them an option – they can walk away, or they can join the Fire Knives in their quest to prevent the Nine Golden Swords from freeing The Blue Lady. 

The group agree to help. 



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