Caeriele Lorhalien

An Ethereal employer


Name: Caeriele Lorhalien
Race: Eladrin
Class: Arcane (specifics unknown)
Gender: Female
Age: -
Religion: -
Status: Alive


Description: Initially met the group as a human, although she didn’t quite pull it off. As an Eladrin, she has long blonde hair, quite tall and, like all Eladrin, is very ethereal and tends to look down on other races. Her whole presence is a little unnerving, most of all her melodic voice, which always seems to make secrets leave people’s mouths. She is a member of the fire knives.

History Has given the group a few quests and seems particularly interested in them. The group know about her brother, a member of the Nine Golden Swords. The Femme Fatales are also helping Caeriele and the Fire Knives on their mission to stop the Nine Golden Swords from completing their mission: to release the Blue Lady.

Caeriele Lorhalien

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