Amelie Rivers

And you don't know if she's gonna kiss you or kill you


Name: Amelie Rivers
Nickname: Am
Race: Human
Class: Gunslinger
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5’3’’
Alignment: CG
Status: Alive


Amelie is of average height, though she does fall within the smaller end of the spectrum for humans. She has deep red hair which she styles intricately at the front while allowing the length to fall loosely around her shoulders, and her pale skin and eyes contrast in a way that makes her seem almost doll-like in certain lights. Far from the perfect image of most dolls, however, Amelie’s chaotic tendencies have resulted in some alterations to her natural appearance. She has numerous tattoos including an intricate pattern of roses, thorny vines and stars reaching from the lower part of her neck and down her upper right arm, three geometric roses along the back of her left shoulder and a pattern down her spine designed by herself which she believes to look like the path of a bullet travelling through the air.
For the most part Amelie’s style is based in dark colours and leathers. Almost everything she wears is tight fitting with some preference for corsets and she never leaves home without her revolvers, keeping one strapped around her hips while the other is holstered around her right thigh. Because of the nature of her weaponry, and the fact that it is frowned upon in most parts of Faerun, Amelie often wears a deep green, velvet overcoat in order to keep them concealed.

For the most part Amelie is almost entirely unpredictable. Her reactions to situations are dependant on her mood and you often don’t know if she’s going to kiss you or kill you. On her better days, Amelie is like a ray of sunshine. Cheerful and bubbly, she likes to tease and flirt with those around her just for the sheer thrill of it. However, there are days when she can be more temperamental, and in one of her moods she has no qualms about threatening anyone who finds themselves on her bad side.
Due to a difficult past Amelie isn’t always the most trusting of people. After being abandoned at no more than a year old and losing the nearest relationships that she had to family she has developed some abandonment issues and often expects that those who enter her life will inevitably leave her in the end. Because of this she has, at times, attempted to sabotage relationships with those who care for her and, though she knows how foolish it is to do so, she does not entirely believe that she can be blamed for trying to protect herself.

Left on the doorstep of an orphanage when she was no more than a year old, nothing is known about Amelie’s family or the early days of her life. In fact, the only solid fact known about her origins is her first name.
She was raised by a human woman named Adelaide Rivers who ran the orphanage alone and gave Amelie her own last name as a way of making her feel wanted. As she grew up, Amelie had trouble bonding with many of the other children, finding that her eccentric personality and tendency to do the wrong things for the right reasons meant that many of them looked on her as an outsider. The exception to this rule being Tomlynn ‘Tommy’ Lonereaver who, at three years older than Amelie, Amelie looked on as a big brother.
Despite Adelaide’s continued attempts to find Amelie a family in her younger years, the precocious child blocked each attempt with ease until her guardian finally gave up trying once Amelie had reached the age of seven. At the same age Amelie decided to take up archery, however she soon found that she did not quite have the strength to truly master her new hobby. Determined as she was, she continued lessons with Lorelei – her elven tutor – for five years to no avail. It was then at that point that she drew the line. She clearly didn’t possess that particular skill.
When Amelie was eleven she suffered the second loss of her life. Having never known her parents the effect of that loss had been lessened, however losing Tommy hit her hard. Though she had always known how he craved a proper family unit it caused a rift between them when he was finally adopted by parents that he portrayed as the most intelligent and talented people in Faerun. Despite his pleas for Amelie to become his sister for real, she saw his leaving as a betrayal to both Adelaide and herself. In Amelie’s eyes the three of them were a family, and although she knew Adelaide wanted her to find a proper family as well, Amelie refused to leave her guardian, knowing that she would need someone to care for her in her old age and wanting to return the favour for everything Adelaide had done for her throughout her life.
It wasn’t until she was fourteen that Amelie began learning to use a revolver. After an unknown male broke into their house in the dead of night Amelie learned of Adelaide’s secret talent and over the six years that followed she trained Amelie, teaching her how to shoot a revolver along with other skills that she required to use such a weapon.
Adelaide died not long after Amelie turned twenty and, feeling that she no longer had a reason to stay in Procampur, she headed out to explore Faerun and herself. For two years she travelled across the north of the world until she eventually reached the Silver Marches.
In Silverymoon Amelie met Sir Alastair Cadogan after knocking out a rather handsy drunkard at a local tavern. The two flirted from the off and, despite some rough patches, developed a certain fondness for one another over time. Eventually, however, Amelie decided that she still had some self-searching to do and left to continue wandering across Faerun with the promise that she would return.
After wandering for a few months Amelie found herself on the road to Westgate when suddenly everything went dark and she awoke in a cell surrounded by a halfling, a dwarf and a comparatively terrifying tiefling.

Though her attempts at Archery ended in failure Amelie is a particularly good shot and, when her revolvers are not playing up or breaking, her aim is accurate enough to blast a goblin’s guard’s knees out from beneath him. She is a perceptive and sneaky individual, often disappearing into the shadows when she does not wish to be seen, and she has a level of agility that is incredibly impressive. Though she’d like to see herself as charming Amelie is more skilled in intimidation and when she loses her temper it is best not to be the one on the business end of her gun – she will shoot to kill where she believes such an action to be necessary.


  • Two Revolvers – one of which belonged to her guardian, Adelaide
  • Leather Armour
  • Saucy Novel – ‘The Troll That Wanted to be Loved’
  • Leather bound Journal

Having never known her parents and having lost the only mother she ever knew Amelie has few connections left. Though she is estranged from her adopted brother, Tommy, he is still in Procampur to the best of her knowledge and, should Amelie ever need him, she would not refuse to seek him out. She also has Alastair whom she left in Silverymoon and intends to return to some day once she feels at peace with herself.

Current Situation
After being set free from her prison cell and having to find her way out through a series of tunnels along with the Femme Fatales Amelie has reached the conclusion that travelling with this group is not something she wants any more. Though she is hesitant to leave Shade, the one member of the group who she suspects may actually miss her, she feels that she finally knows that she needs to be in Silverymoon with Alastair.

Amelie Rivers

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