young and foolish


Name: Alf
Race: Human
Class: unknown
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 5’9"
Religion: Unknown
Status: Alive


Description with Short orange hair and light green eyes, Alf has a rather thin face with pronounced cheek bones. He has seemed nervous since the group met him and he has admitted that he doesn’t want to be on the ship.

History Alf is the most recent crew member to join the crew of The Weeping Siren and has only been travelling for a couple of weeks. He is a general dogsbody on the ship.

The group found a suspicious note in his pack which read:

50 gold as agreed for the package. Tell no one. -N.G.S

The group also found an image of Alf’s family, with a note saying: A reminder – C

The group did not act on their suspicions and it was found that Alf had, for one reason or another, betrayed the Fire Knives to the Nine Golden Swords.

His and Sally’s locations are as of the moment, unknown.


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