A new age dawns

The beginning. A rather interesting adventure. A clandestine meeting in the Purple Lady with a rather odd woman, wearing the mark of the fire knives. The adventurers were sent on a quest to retrieve an item of importance, with the promise of gold spurring them on. A handy note '2 Equal measures will grant you entry' was given to them, but more information was needed before they could access the treasure.

After a brief encounter with a rather slimy gentleman named Raymond, a member of the the Nine Golden swords, the group retrieved a key. Heading to the warehouse, with a lot of paranoia whilst checking they weren't followed, the group solved the water puzzle and entered the warehouse.

After successfully avoiding multiple traps, the adventurers found the box and, wisely so, did not open the package that they were sent to retrieve. After besting a few pesky zombies that had safely been stored away, the group headed back triumphantly to the inn, handing the object to their mysterious employer, whom seemed rather pleased with the result. 

With light hearts but heavier coins purses, the group headed to the outskirts of the city to say goodbye to Lyv, who had to respond to the call of her friends in need.



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