A new age dawns

The mist

adventure 4

The adventurers find themselves on The Weeping Siren, a ship bound for Suzail. With the help of Gordon the Captain, Damon his first mate, Sally the Shark, Martin and Alf, the team learnt more about their job for the Fire Knives.

Whilst exploring the ship, the party noticed that Alf, the youngest crew remember, was acting a little strange. After a tense encounter between Alf and Amelie, the group decided to find out just what he was hiding. The rogue successfully stole the hidden coded note and they all settled in for the evening.

the next morning, the adventurers assembled on the deck, only to be confronted by an ominous wall of mist. Unable to avoid it, the group found themselves in a trance, faced by what they have always wanted. The group successfully broke out of their dream states to find mermaids/sirens had them under an enchantment, as well as two of the crew.

Fighting hard, the group killed all of the merpeople, causing the mist to disappear. After a quick discussion, the group went below decks to discipher the note:


50 Gold as agreed for the package. tell no one. -N.G.S

The group now must decide their next moves and be ready for what they will face in Suzail.



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