A new age dawns

The house of Maglubiyet

Adventure 2

Saying goodbye to Lyv, the adventures found themselves traveling back into the city….until they weren't. Waking in dim light, confused and disorientated, the group found themselves locked in cells. A new face was also with them, a rather wild woman, wielding some rather odd pieces of metal, which she assured the group were weapons. After spending a rather long while escaping from the cells, the group investigated their surroundings, discovering a pile of rubbish and papers in various languages, mostly associated with locations and directions.

After exploring the dungeons and realizing that they needed key fragments to proceed, the party searched high and low, finding some useful ritual components and money on the way. 

Finally, they made it into what appeared to be a ritual chamber, where they were faced with a priest of Maglubiyet. Fighting hard, the group made it out alive, but came face to face with the rather interesting woman from the inn.

She revealed herself as Caeriele, an Eladrin disguising herself as human. She praised the group for escaping and offered them another job, one which would give them a large reward for their troubles. She explained their task, to board the weeping siren and set sail to Suzail to accompany various exports there and to assist with the return of something important. The group asked for some time to think and so agreed to meet Caeriele back at the Purple lady. Their fortune, it seems, is on the rise.



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