A new age dawns

The Ankle Biter

Adventure 3

On their way to discuss the terms of their agreement, the group (excluding Riswin, who they intended to meet later on), went shopping for potions. After some poor showmanship and some stealthy work by the rogue, the group certainly had more than they paid for.

Whilst heading to the inn, they were approached by a distraught woman, who begged them to assist her. Agreeing to the woman's anguished pleas, the group approached a rather suspicious house, but continued heroically onwards. Once inside, they discovered that not all was as it seemed when several zombies attack. Making short work of their assailants, the group quickly discovered that this house was hiding a dark history. 

After discovering the dead body and a name, the party encountered a ghost of a young boy, who just wanted to play. The little girl issued a warning to the party before allowing them to continue in their quest. 

An uncertain party and a poorly timed conversation led to the discovery of the ankle biter, who nearly choked poor Amelie to death. Thankfully, the part succeeded and reunited the family, albeit in death. Their prize was a small chest of trinkets an potions, all of which could be useful.

Returning to the Purple Lady, the group discovered more about their task and, with some bartering, improved their pay. The group now must gather at the docks to sail to their next destination.



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