A new age dawns

The Auction
Adventure 9

The adventurers, after their little escapade at the festival, went about their business, going about their business and waiting at the Purple Lady for their next mission. An invitation was waiting for them from a Lord Fion Malvhan and Caeriele Lor'halien herself, indicating that many exciting artifacts (and one that they were looking for) would be waiting for them.

After an awkward but fruitful shopping trip, the group descended on the house of their sponsor, taking in the many guests, gossip and prizes. Attempts at schmoozing guests were made, but little progress with speaking to the guests meant that Amelie, unbeknown to her, was secretly copied. Out of nowhere, one of the important guests was murdered in plain site and Amelie was quickly arrested, shortly followed by Shade, who attempted to help her despite the accusations.

Within the group, a new comer by the name of Erevan saw what happened and has approached the group to aid in their current predicament.

Shaena's Side Quest
Prison Antics

What antics did Shaena get up to in prison? Who knows…

The Winter Festival
Adventure 8

After completing the gauntlet, the adventurer's were lead outside, where they found themselves in the winter festival. A variety of stalls were available and the group waisted no time in buying or attempting to steal something for themselves. Whilst one rogue failed at stealing a loaf of bread and fled the scene, the other succeeded in making a pretty penny from a few of the other festival goers.

Risywnn investigated the gypsy caravan, where she was given a strange prophecy:

Stale mate is a curious thing, where neither sword not knife can win

some must rise or all will fall, for the Blue Lady will control all.

Gold are the keys that guard the gates, all in all, one plus eight

But to open them, one final piece,The line of blood that must be ceased.

Find the crimson creature who heralds a call, For there is the next key to this all.

Then onto the place where the Green Folk Rule, Where one must be conquered and win the duel.

She was also informed that a rucus would occur before she saw them approaching a rather grand house.

When the party realised that Shaena was M.I.A, the group decided to follow, whereas Riswynn decided to try her hand at the strongest man. Her humiliation was short lived however, when the festival was stormed by blue cloaks, along with a hoard of rats. This was quickly followed by a summoned Ankey, an angry mother who just wanted to feed her young. Eventually, the rest of the group came to Riswynn's aid and the creatures were defeated. But did they get what they came for?

Running the Gauntlet
Adventure 7

The group are told that to win their place among the knives, they must complete a task. That task involved waking up in a cold, dank dungeon, a long with a couple of other unknown souls. With a little negotiation and several quite frankly humiliating attempts at freedom, the new found group were on their way.

The next task was completed with equal indignity, where the group ummed and ahhed over how to open a door, the mechanism on the other side. Eventually, it was finally remembered that one of them possessed that most useful of tools, magic and finally, progress was made.

Entering the next chamber, the party were faced with a battle against kabolds. Through shear dumb luck the enemies were defeated. The chamber lead to a rather vexing puzzling, but our brave adventurers solved it with relative ease. with uplifted spirits at finally having succeeded at something, the group surged forward, straight into the final task. A battle royale, to prove their metal. The victor, our valiant paladin, was bestowed a gift by the creator of the games to help them with their next task. Now, they must wait for further instructions.

The Failed Task
Adventure 6

Aside from a cake debacle, the rest of the group's time in Suzail passes by with little event. On the morning that they are set to leave they return to the ship and once more reunite with the crew of the Weeping Siren.

During the journey Amelie once more finds herself alone with Alf who still seems as though he would rather not be on the trip. While he asserts that he just misses home Amelie senses that something is off when she notices that he is "reading" a book in his bed without actually moving his eyes. Trying to get the attention of Shaena in the kitchen she fakes a coughing fit and eventually Shaena enters just after Alf has gone up on deck. Amelie shares her concerns with Shaena who immediately checks Alf's book, finding within its pages a drawing of a younger Alf with his family. The message below the drawing reads "A Reminder – C" 

The group have a meeting to discuss their options for how to deal with their new findings. Knowing that Sally is the crew member that Alf seems closest to, they decide that it would be in their best interest to speak to her privately, if only to ask after Alf's wellbeing. 

After dinner Shaena and Riswynn hang back to speak to Sally while everyone else heads off to bed. While Sally listens and responds calmly at first, she eventually tells the pair that it is not their job to worry about the crew before throwing her dagger into the kitchen door – a seeming threat should the group cross any boundaries. 

The next morning the group discuss the events of the night before and decide to leave things to settle until they dock in Westgate. As they approach Westgate, however, Amelie spots a mysterious figure who appears to be awaiting their arrival. 

No sooner has the ship docked than Damon and Martin are dragged away and Gordon, fearing for the safety of his crew, agrees to go with the cloaked man quietly. The Femme Fatales do not make the same agreement. A small battle ensures, during which more cloaked figures attempt to mask and bind the group who put up as much resistance as they can manage. 

In the end another mysterious figure in a dark blue cloak appears and the group are forced to admit defeat. 

When they are unmasked, they find themselves tied to chairs, back in The Purple Lady. The figure in the dark blue cloak reveals himself to be an eladrin man – Caeriele's brother – and essentially thanks the crew and group for bringing the package to them. He then slides over a blank piece of paper that he requests they give to Caeriele. 

Once the bar is empty but for the group and crew Amelie and Shaena immediately take to drowning their sorrows as they wait for Caeriele. 

When she arrives, Caeriele expresses her disappointment at the groups failure to carry out the task set, but admits she had not expected things to go quite so badly for them. She tells the group about the conflict currently taking place between the Fire Knives and the Nine Golden Swords and gives them an option – they can walk away, or they can join the Fire Knives in their quest to prevent the Nine Golden Swords from freeing The Blue Lady. 

The group agree to help. 

Arrival in Suzail
Adventure 5

After some disagreement, the group agree to wait it out with Alf rather than confronting him about his secret note. They then prepare for their arrival in Suzail. 

On arrival, the adventurers are greeted by three armed guards and begin to learn a little of Suzail, King Foril Obarsayr, and the King's guards – The Purple Dragons. With time to spare the group decides to explore, splitting three ways. 

Amelie removes herself to the backstreets in search of a place to buy bullets and finds herself in a workshop surrounded by questionable characters. She makes a deal to collect ten Drake scales in exchange for her much needed ammunition before returning in search of the rest of her group. 

Reunited at the tavern in which they will be staying – The Leaning Post – the group share an enjoyable meal before heading up to bed. Upon reaching their rooms, however, they catch a halfling exiting one of the rooms. The halfling steals their room keys and a fight ensues in which three opponents are killed. On each of their bodies crude drawings of  the group and Caeriele - their current employer – are found. 

With one body out in the open and another hidden in one of their rooms, the group have to think fast. While Shaena and Riswynn narrowly escape arrest, Bryseis and Amelie try to find a way to dispose of the body in their room. After much discussion, the whole group decide to sneak the body out in the dead of night. Despite some hitches in the plan they manage to get the body hidden in a crate behind the tavern and the group retire for the night. 

The next morning, Amelie shares with the others her ammunition predicament and the group set off in search of Drake scales. After a failed attempt to purchase a Drake, they are directed towards the other side of town where a group of Spire Top Drakes reside in the tower of a temple dedicated to Ioun, the god of knowledge and learning. The group battle and kill the Drakes and Amelie manages to harvest enough scales to trade for her bullets. 

After the deal is done, the group head back to The Weeping Siren to check on the loading of the package they have been hired to protect. 

The mist
adventure 4

The adventurers find themselves on The Weeping Siren, a ship bound for Suzail. With the help of Gordon the Captain, Damon his first mate, Sally the Shark, Martin and Alf, the team learnt more about their job for the Fire Knives.

Whilst exploring the ship, the party noticed that Alf, the youngest crew remember, was acting a little strange. After a tense encounter between Alf and Amelie, the group decided to find out just what he was hiding. The rogue successfully stole the hidden coded note and they all settled in for the evening.

the next morning, the adventurers assembled on the deck, only to be confronted by an ominous wall of mist. Unable to avoid it, the group found themselves in a trance, faced by what they have always wanted. The group successfully broke out of their dream states to find mermaids/sirens had them under an enchantment, as well as two of the crew.

Fighting hard, the group killed all of the merpeople, causing the mist to disappear. After a quick discussion, the group went below decks to discipher the note:


50 Gold as agreed for the package. tell no one. -N.G.S

The group now must decide their next moves and be ready for what they will face in Suzail.

The Ankle Biter
Adventure 3

On their way to discuss the terms of their agreement, the group (excluding Riswin, who they intended to meet later on), went shopping for potions. After some poor showmanship and some stealthy work by the rogue, the group certainly had more than they paid for.

Whilst heading to the inn, they were approached by a distraught woman, who begged them to assist her. Agreeing to the woman's anguished pleas, the group approached a rather suspicious house, but continued heroically onwards. Once inside, they discovered that not all was as it seemed when several zombies attack. Making short work of their assailants, the group quickly discovered that this house was hiding a dark history. 

After discovering the dead body and a name, the party encountered a ghost of a young boy, who just wanted to play. The little girl issued a warning to the party before allowing them to continue in their quest. 

An uncertain party and a poorly timed conversation led to the discovery of the ankle biter, who nearly choked poor Amelie to death. Thankfully, the part succeeded and reunited the family, albeit in death. Their prize was a small chest of trinkets an potions, all of which could be useful.

Returning to the Purple Lady, the group discovered more about their task and, with some bartering, improved their pay. The group now must gather at the docks to sail to their next destination.

The house of Maglubiyet
Adventure 2

Saying goodbye to Lyv, the adventures found themselves traveling back into the city….until they weren't. Waking in dim light, confused and disorientated, the group found themselves locked in cells. A new face was also with them, a rather wild woman, wielding some rather odd pieces of metal, which she assured the group were weapons. After spending a rather long while escaping from the cells, the group investigated their surroundings, discovering a pile of rubbish and papers in various languages, mostly associated with locations and directions.

After exploring the dungeons and realizing that they needed key fragments to proceed, the party searched high and low, finding some useful ritual components and money on the way. 

Finally, they made it into what appeared to be a ritual chamber, where they were faced with a priest of Maglubiyet. Fighting hard, the group made it out alive, but came face to face with the rather interesting woman from the inn.

She revealed herself as Caeriele, an Eladrin disguising herself as human. She praised the group for escaping and offered them another job, one which would give them a large reward for their troubles. She explained their task, to board the weeping siren and set sail to Suzail to accompany various exports there and to assist with the return of something important. The group asked for some time to think and so agreed to meet Caeriele back at the Purple lady. Their fortune, it seems, is on the rise.

The beginning
Adventure 1

The beginning. A rather interesting adventure. A clandestine meeting in the Purple Lady with a rather odd woman, wearing the mark of the fire knives. The adventurers were sent on a quest to retrieve an item of importance, with the promise of gold spurring them on. A handy note '2 Equal measures will grant you entry' was given to them, but more information was needed before they could access the treasure.

After a brief encounter with a rather slimy gentleman named Raymond, a member of the the Nine Golden swords, the group retrieved a key. Heading to the warehouse, with a lot of paranoia whilst checking they weren't followed, the group solved the water puzzle and entered the warehouse.

After successfully avoiding multiple traps, the adventurers found the box and, wisely so, did not open the package that they were sent to retrieve. After besting a few pesky zombies that had safely been stored away, the group headed back triumphantly to the inn, handing the object to their mysterious employer, whom seemed rather pleased with the result. 

With light hearts but heavier coins purses, the group headed to the outskirts of the city to say goodbye to Lyv, who had to respond to the call of her friends in need.


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